Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Campus-Engaged Learning Activity (CEL-1)?

How is the CEL-1 different from the Community-Engaged Learning Activity (CEL-2)?

Must all first-year students complete the CEL-1 requirement?

Where can students and advisors find out about existing CEL-1 activities?

What is OPRA?

What is the Lemelson Center?

What is EPEC?

Who can sponsor a CEL-1 activity?

How does a sponsor have their activity listed on the CEL-1 website?

Does each CEL-1 activity need to be 40 hours?

What happens if students report that they can't find a CEL-1 activity that interests them?

What if a student, after really considering all existing opportunities, still can't find something, or if they want to do something else?

The CEL-1 requires 40 hours of engagement, but not all CEL-1's listed on the site require 40 hours of work! Can students do more than one CEL-1 activity?

How does a Div I student register for a CEL-1 activity?

How does a sponsor approve a Div I student's registration?

What do the registration symbols mean?

What if a Tutorial Advisor does not approve of an advisee's CEL-1 activity choice?

Can students take an 8th course instead of doing the CEL-1?

Can a course count as CEL-1?

How should a student log their hours?

Can a student be paid for a CEL-1 activity?

How does a student officially complete a CEL-1 activity?

What if a sponsor does not approve a student's verification form?

What if a student does not complete the CEL-1?

What is the reflection worksheet?

What does a student registration form look like?

What does a student verification form look like?

What does a sponsor verification form look like?

What do students have to complete for reflection?